Queen Mira

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“Educating the leaders of tomorrow who will change
the way the world lives, learns and works”

Queen Mira

Guiding Statement

QMIS takes the learning of the children “More & Beyond” the classroom and books through various student enrichment programs.

  • Offer a blended – CBSE curriculum that is both local and global and has a strong emphasis on encouraging the development of Global Citizenship.
  • Create a safe and supportive environment where the physical and emotional integrity and safety of each member of the QMIS staff and student community is a matter of high priority.
  • Develop awareness of our interconnected world and realize our individual and collective responsibility to become a change factor and to live sustainably.
  • Facilitate opportunities that enhance ethical, social, intellectual and creative competencies both inside and outside the classroom.
  • Encourage a value – based education through inquiry, collaborative thinking, communication and research skills.
  • Cultivate multilingualism with an emphasis on French and Japanese Language acquisition.
  • To ensure the social – emotional well being of staff and students and to empower self – management skills.
  • Ensure that students have ample opportunities to acquire and develop leadership experiences both within the school as well as through meaningful global collaboration.
  • Foster the use of innovative technology to enhance teaching and learning and to empower students to become content creators.
  • Embed the importance and value of Digital Citizenship and Intellectual property rights in the effective use of technology.
  • Support learning and program development through effective, purposeful and ongoing assessment practices.
  • Foster shared partnership between students, families and all stakeholders of the QMIS family.
Guiding Statement