Sports At Qmis

Our aim in Physical Education is to introduce students to a wide variety of sports and activities with the belief that they evolve recognizing the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle after developing a love for physical activity. Queen Mira International School ensures upon providing a holistic education where a comprehensive balancing is done between Scholastic & Co Scholastic Activities without conceding any of the regular calendared events. QMIS has its own philosophical statement that believes in ensuring the wellbeing of the body, mind and soul of the individual by instilling a steady growth mindset who learn and unlearn to emerge as change makers’. With this philosophy, BFIT – a daily fitness programme was launched commemorating the decennial celebration of QMIS to promote fitness among each individual.


BFIT Programme

Our BFIT programme provides ample opportunities for each student to:

  • Build the spirit of teamwork and sportsmanship
  • Demonstrate the ability to improve the range, quality and complexity of their skills
  • Understand and apply appropriate strategies and tactics
  • Develop problem-solving skills to work independently and as part of a team within a safe, learner-friendly environment
  • Learn to constructively evaluate their own performance and that of others and provide informed feedback to improve their performance
  • Understand how to lead themselves and others.

Sports We Offer


Basket ball , Foot ball , Volley ball, Throwball, Hand ball, Cricket, Tennis, Badminton, Swimming


Table Tennis, Chess, Carrom

Martial Art

Kungfu, Karate, Silambam, Taekwondo