Internal Assessment

Signature Methods of Assessment:

Co Scholastic / Internal Assessment: Students are admitted in a class after an entry level assessment and their progress is observed and assessed on a periodical basis and frequent feed back is given to students as progress reports .Teachers at QMIS use a variety of methods to monitor students’ progress to determine their individual needs. Informal assessments like Star of the month award catering around 15 academic and co scholastic  parameters, field visits , assembly presentation , cleaning activity , participation in various leadership tasks are observed and documented in the anecdotal records . Based on the report of the anecdotal records, the child is assessed.

Extended Assessment

QMIS implements a series of different assessments aimed at ensuring that students are performing to the best of their capabilities. Keeping parents informed and updated is also a vital component of the QMIS assessment process.
In addition to the board’s prescribed assessment schedule of Cumative Assessment program, school also exposes the children constantly to various skill based and online assessment programs like
X Seed learnometer assessment program
International Benchmark Testing (IBT) conducted by Australian Council for Educaiton and Research (ACER)
Cambridge language Assessment program & Stepathlon an English Olympiad to augment their linguistic skills –Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing
Clash of Pi – An online Math assessment program conducted monthly for Middle and Secondary Year Programmers.
The following are included among our assessment tools:
This innovative in-house analysis offers comprehensive and continuous assessment of each student’s academic performance, including the following features:

  • comparison of current performance levels and trend analysis
  • target setting
  • detailed analysis across key measures, including subject and strand wise analysis.
  • Developing strategies to enhance their progression