Health & Safety Committee:

The prime objective of this committee is safety for all, which is effective in practice through the implementation of Health & Safety policy and Child Protection Policy.
This committee ensures the socio-emotional wellbeing of the students and staff. It works with various external expertises who educate the faculties with necessary orientation on child safety.
We create safe and supportive environment where the physical, emotional integrity and safety of each member is a matter of high priority. Health camps are conducted for the Children and the staff to ensure their well being. We concentrate on the child’s safety in all spheres- classroom, campus and outbound campus.
HSC @ Classroom:
HSC’s audits are being done fortnightly to ensure the safety of the child. Confidential documentation of the child issue registers and the CCTV monitoring of the classroom ensures the safety of the child inside the classroom. To ensure the safety of every child, a team of HSC members monitor the campus cautiously and take pro active measures.
HSC @ Campus
The students are trained with the mock drill sessions for easy evacuation during a crisis situation. CCTV cameras are installed throughout the campus to ensure child’s safety. To ensure the quality of drinking water the TDS level is checked on a daily basis. The chlorine level in the wading pool is also checked daily to ensure that the kids are safe and sound.
HSC @ Outbound campus
CCTV cameras and GPS are set up in every bus to ensure the safety of the child and to keep the track of the vehicles movement. Focusing on the safety of the child, pre-visit and risk assessments of the locations for various trips and outbound activities are done.