A holistic approach to teaching and learning is important for the physical, emotional, intellectual, creative, spiritual and social well-being of children and to develop them as well-rounded individuals. At QMIS , we lay emphasis on experiential and exploratory methods of learning , well beyond the classroom , as well as espouse the appreciation and practice of our school’s values and attributes stated in the Mission. Students have infinite opportunities like Inter-house competitions, seminars, presentation to assimilate knowledge, discover hidden talents, follow dreams and grow into all – rounded individuals.

Skills Attributes Values
Analysis Open Minded Empathy
Synthesis Creative Dedication
Logic Global Outlook Humility
Reflection Team Spirit Integrity
Presentation Leadership Respect
Communication Confidence Tolerance

Every activity, both inside and outside the class room, the school contributes towards the learning process in different but equally meaningful ways. QMIS also offers a comprehensive learning programme that extends more and beyond class room teaching. Every child is encouraged by the faculty and the parent to take part in every aspect of school – life and receive support and guidance from experienced faculty members at all times. Faculty is involved in periodical Professional Development Programmes according to their professional demands once a month.