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“Holistic Learning! Happy Schooling!”

X Seed Learnometer Assessment Programme

International Benchmark Testing (IBT) conducted by Australian Council of Education and Research,(ACER)

Cambridge Language Assessment Programme

Olympiad Exams in Science, Maths and French

Through various international and national level assessments the students identify their calibre . The E+ program is structured in a way that high order thinking is imbibed into their learning in order to reduce their fear for assessment and to enrich their happy schooling experience.


The Draft National Education Policy (NEP – 2019), is a developmentally appropriate proposal which has been suggested with commendable reforms to the schools across our nation. One of the prime goals of NEP (2019) is bringing in a holistic approach, where QMIS holds the pride of being a pioneer school. QMIS gives an undue emphasis on the holistic approach to develop children as incredible and independent individuals.


An exclusive platform is created for the students of Grades 1 to 5, to collaborate music with the curricular concepts with the support of Rhapsody Music Foundation.

STEAM sessions

An innovative and holistic approach for the students of Grades 1 to 6 integrating  and establishing cross-curricular linkage with an amalgamation of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. An apt way for the 21st century learners fostering collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving is the new way of learning at QMIS.

Student Driven Classes

Student Driven Class is a transformative approach that is adapted for students of Grade 6 and above. Students gain awareness on the learning styles with the support of a facilitator and thereafter choose the pedagogy for the concept deliverance.

Einstein+ Program

Eintein+ is an academic enhancement programme which aims at Happy assessment.The program is extended for the Grades K-8 focussing on four domains of learning – linguistics, numeracy, aptitude and fine motor skills through fun based activities.