Our commitment to being inclusive at QMIS means we endeavour to meet the individual needs of all the students in our care. This is achieved through a supportive environment that recognizes and respects students’ different talents and learning differences, backgrounds and cultures. Our Inclusion team supports the staff and students across the whole school and offers expertise in

Learning support: Supporting the students with mild to moderate learning differences. Our curricular programs across the school have a limited number of places available for students with special educational needs whose individual requirements can be met in a mainstream setting through provision of a differentiated curriculum. Learning support faculty is available in the campus that extends the support in developing a program similar to but not synchronised to the National curriculum. The school also rolls out bridge programs and remedial programs to support the child’s learning

Counselling: Developing emotional literacy in our students as well as supporting their transition into QMIS and beyond. This team organizes sessions for all the stake holders to prepare them to handle such transition as well.

Career Guidance: Looking to the future
At the threshold of adulthood, to enable students to make wise career choices for their future, QMIS has partnered with Univariety a unique online career guidance portal which operates along with an in-house faculty team. This team lets them to understand their interests and guides them to connect with 150 universities across the world through webinars and leads the students to take up options as per their interests and demands in the future.

By working together to bring out the best in all of our students we create an inclusive learning environment where students can feel a sense of belonging and are able to fully engage with the curriculum.