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    Dear Parent,

    QMIS holds the pride of the only CBSE school amongst 736 schools across the globe to get into the toughest evaluation procedures of Council of International School ( CIS) for high quality international education and has earned the credit of CIS accreditation. We place highest regard for the satisfaction of every stakeholder and grow through their valuable feedback.

    That’s the prime reason for us to roll out Parent Satisfaction Survey every year twice (Beginning and the end of the academic year). QMIS believes in ensuring the well being of the body , mind and soul of the individuals by instilling a steady growth mindset who learn and unlearn to emerge as change makers. This would support us to help our students emerge successfully with the core values and to be a great asset to the family, society and the nation. Every step of QMIS is sculpted around this philosophy. As a parent who is witnessing this wholesome learning experience of your child, Kindly share your transparent feedback by filling this survey, which would support us towards the path of excellence.

    Team QMIS

    A) Academicsஎப்பொருள் எத்தன்மைத் தாயினும் அப்பொருள்

    மெய்ப்பொருள் காண்பது அறிவு
    1. Quality of resource materials /content provided by Xseed / NCERT SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    2. Quality of home and class tasks SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    3. Quantum of work SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    4. Effectiveness of STEAM Program SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    5. Effectiveness of Einstein + Program SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    6. Students Driven Classrooms Iniatives SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    7. Concept Understanding SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    8. Application of Learning SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied

    B) Staffபிழைத்துணர்ந்தும் பேதைமை சொல்லா ரிழைத்துணர்ந்

    தீண்டிய கேள்வி யவர்
    1. Quality of teaching SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    2. Teacher’s support towards enhancing the performance of the child SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    3. Approach towards students SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    4. Communication Skill SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    5. Rapport with parents SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    6. Handling concerns or grievance addressal SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    7. Quality & On time correction SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied

    C) Online / Remote Platformபருவத்தோடு ஒட்ட ஒழுகல் திருவினைத்

    தீராமை ஆர்க்குங் கயிறு
    1. The safe and secure learning plat form – WebEx [Accessibility, Compatibility] SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    2 . Media usage–online learning materials / video tutorials SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    3. Uploading assignments / projects / home fun etc – Google Classrooms SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    4. Online Assessments (oral, workbook and live worksheet) SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    5. Virtual Assembly SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    6. Virtual activities [interaction with resource person, fieldtrips etc] SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    7. Virtual Competitions SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    8. Virtual Appreciations and accolades [e-certificates] SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    9. Virtual PTC / Orientation SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied

    D) Child's Progressதம்மின்தம் மக்கள் அறிவுடைமை மாநிலத்து

    மன்னுயிர்க் கெல்லாம் இனிது
    1. Communication Skill SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    2. Social Etiquette SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    3. Reading Skill SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    4. Writing Skill SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    5. Computing / Mathematical Skill SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    6. BFIT SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    7. Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) (Martial & Performance Arts) SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    8. Erudite Club SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    9.Heritage Club SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    10. Science Club – Teach Next Program SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    11. Popcorn Club SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    12. Rhapsody SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    13. Soft Skills
    a. Leadership SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    b. Team work SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    c. Confidence SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    d. Creativity SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    e. Problem Solving SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    f. Decision Making SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    14. Practicing core values
    a. Accountability SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    b. Commitment SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    c. Integrity SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    d. Positivity SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    e. Respect SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    f. Impact of Thirukural’s Core Values SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    15. Effect of various school activities on your child (Inter & intragrade Competitions ,Talent Night,) SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    16. Impact of Global Citizenship Committee (GCC) & British Council’s International Dimensions in school (IDS) SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    17. Impact of Health & Safety Committee (HSC) SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    18. Impact of Digital Citizenship Committee SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied

    E) Administrationகூற்றுடன்று மேல்வரினும் கூடி எதிர்நிற்கும்

    ஆற்ற லதுவே படை
    1. Functioning of school office SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    2. Reception Co-ordination SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    3. Security Office SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied

    F) Home School Communicationவிரைந்து தொழில்கேட்கும் ஞாலம் நிரந்தினிது
    சொல்லுதல் வல்லார்ப் பெறின்
    1. On time and regular communication of information (Schedules–NNL /Assessment /Home Fun/ Google Class Room Updations / Activity/ School fee Payments, ECA & Timetable, New initiatives & School Calendar) SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    2. Possibility to connect the respective teachers SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    3. Intimations through SMS / Whatsapp / E-Mails SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    4. School’s response to parent feedback SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    5. Support extended by Parent Relationship Manager (PRM) SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    6. Features of the newly inducted online portal Edumerge SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied

    G) Parental Involvementஆள்வினையும் ஆன்ற அறிவும் எனஇரண்டின்
    நீள்வினையால் நீளும் குடி
    1. BFIT Sessions SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    2. Family Rapport Activities / Opportunities to be part of school activities [RemoteorOn-Campus] SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    3. Parent teachers conference / Orientation SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    Willingness to volunteer for school activities / to conduct special workshops or events at school InterestedNot Interested

    H) School Website / Social & Media Sharing Networks SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    1. Timely Updates of school activities & events SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    2. Clear and lively content (Event Report / Photos / Videos / WhatsApp updates) SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied
    3. Please let us know what you think about school website / social media sharing (What works, what doesn’t, what is to be included….) SatisfiedNeutralUnsatisfied

    Comments if any

    1. Any other comments or concerns

    Please let us know of any additional comments not covered by the question above…

    2. School Strength – Three highlighting features about the school

    Please let us know what you think works well at school…

    3. Areas for further development (General & Online Platform)

    Please let us know of any ways you think we could do better…

    Satisfactory rating of the Mentors.

    Subject Excellent Average Needs Improvements
    1. English ExcellentAverageNeeds Improvements
    2. Maths ExcellentAverageNeeds Improvements
    3. Science ExcellentAverageNeeds Improvements
    4. Social Science ExcellentAverageNeeds Improvements
    5. Language Tamil ExcellentAverageNeeds Improvements
    6. Language Hindi ExcellentAverageNeeds Improvements
    7. Language - French ExcellentAverageNeeds Improvements
    8. IT ExcellentAverageNeeds Improvements
    9. Physics ExcellentAverageNeeds Improvements
    10. Chemistry ExcellentAverageNeeds Improvements
    11. Biology ExcellentAverageNeeds Improvements
    12. History ExcellentAverageNeeds Improvements
    13. Geography ExcellentAverageNeeds Improvements

    Comments if any

    ** Readiness to send your ward for on campus learning during this pandemic:

    ** All our team members are vaccinated and our SOP as per WHO is in effective implementation through our CRISIS team.
    Help your child to enjoy his or her lost treasure which is the school.

    Overall Satisfactory Rating of the school