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Dr.Chandran C

As an academician, I have always felt that education should be holistic and the students should possess the ability to handle challenging situations in global ecosystem. To survive and sustain in the industry, it is essential to be keen on the recent trends and methodologies. At QMIS, the Team is always ready to adapt to the change and has swiftly made the transformation from time to time. The prestigious Accreditation from Council of International Schools (CIS) is a result of the exemplary contributions and synergy of our Staff, Students and Parents. QMIS is now positioned in the international arena with this recognition.

I can confidently state that every student of QMIS will be a change maker. Noble values are inculcated in the young minds. Measures taken for the physical, mental and emotional wellness of students and staff have profound impact on their productivity. Safe, joyful and lifelong learning attitude is reverberated. It is rightly mentioned in the National Educational Policy (NEP), that education must build character, enable learners to be ethical, rational, compassionate and caring and at the same time prepare them for gainful, fulfilling employment.This is being emphased and practised in QMIS too. Let’s join hands in building responsible global citizens.

Abinath Chandran
Managing Director

Dear All,

According to a survey conducted by the Sample registration system 2018, about 50% of India’s population is 25 years older and this makes our nation as one of the youngest populated country across the globe. I ardently opine that this vast resource can be a great asset to the nation through a right education system. The right ambience would allow him/her to bloom into a purposeful citizen not just for the home but for the society, the nation and to the entire world.

At QMIS, to build this educational ecosystem, I had a staunch supporting and key factor that is our Philosophy which ensures the wellbeing of every individual by nurturing their body, mind and soul. I strongly advocate our BFIT as the significant tool to bring all the three into an alignment. I am experiencing and witnessing that an hour a day in the ground allows them to develop a robust body, which leads to shape a strong mind. These strong minded individuals develop a positive attitude and radiate positive energy into the environment. This certainly distinguishes them from this negative laden world.

At this juncture I am thankful to the Almighty and my mother for blessing my journey so far. And I am grateful to my mentors – my father Dr.C.Chandran and Padmashree Kaviperarasu Ayya for their trust on me. It is what had made me envisage and realize my dreams for our Queen Mira International School. I was also privileged to have the support of a competent, dedicated and a passionate team in this journey. This made me embark a global journey and made our QMIS as the first and the only CBSE to get the accreditation from the Council of International Schools (CIS), Leiden, Netherlands.

Generally people have a question on what or how a student graduating from a school would be, I can assure that from QMIS they enter the world as an Accountable, Committed, Integral, Positive and Respectful individuals, which are the core values upon which QMIS is built.

At this moment when I look back at my journey as an edupreneur,I hold a huge sense of contentment for playing an instrumental role as a societal builder. This journey of man making shall continue with all your support and encouragement in the days to come as well.

Towards building a stronger nation

Sujatha Guptan

Dear Parent,

As quoted in the above kural ,the process of the learning has no boundaries and the dignity of the men is determined by the greatness of their mind . Holding strong belief in these facts, QMIS imparts an education which focuses on building great minds and operates with the motto of more & beyond. We allow the children to grow in a progressive environment, where their interests and learning are taken more & beyond the walls of the classroom and syllabus.

While academic excellence is our major thrust , the school is also devoted to prepare the students for life, groom them to face the challenges of tomorrow and encourage them to be socially relevant.

The unique pedagogical approach which is broad, balanced and blended confers a holistic development and instills a happy learning in every learner. QMIS unfolds a beautiful learning experience which nurtures the thirst of these 21st generation learners .Creativity, Collaboration and Communication are integrated into their day to day lessons and children are equipp -ed towards building a sustainable world.

This brochure gives a glimpse of their learning world and it is always recommended to have on-site experience by visiting our campus and participate in the open house sessions to have a previsit of the world your ward is about to enter.

Josephine Anne Sheebha Aruldass
Joint Director-Admin

Dear Parent,

One thing that is most valued in QMIS is the strong “TEAM”. Journey of prestigious Council of International School (CIS) Accreditation process has chiselled us through the years and has brought the present glory of being the first ever CBSE school to be Accredited by CIS. This achievement was possible because of the inspirational leadership and the conviction of the employees.

It is very important to make the the stakeholders particularly employees to internalise the philosophy of the school.Diverse and ample opportunities are created at QMIS, where experience is not just the number of years spent on the campus. but a rewarding learning cycle in their career growth. Taking the Ownership of tasks should be an ingrained habit and the same is sowed through involving the team in strategic planning and incentivizing employees. All our integrated efforts are channelized towards creating the leaders of tomorrow.