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Queen Mira International School is sited on clean green campus in Madurai, spreads its wings over the bank of river Vaigai spanning 2 acres and equipped with globally competent academics, co-curricular and sports education infrastructure. This school is a unique coeducational school with a very special ethos, established in the year 2010
Queen Mira International School is a unique coeducational school with a very special ethos, established in the year 2010 from Kindergarten to Primary grades. Today it has widespread its niche till Grade 12. This 2 acred beautifully landscaped campus, energy conscious buildings and aesthetic infrastructure compliments and enhance the serenity of nature and makes it an ideal setting to acquire knowledge. This is the only CBSE School in India to receive the accolade of CIS membership and heading towards the next stage of CIS accreditation process. The school is committed to find and ignite the “Spirit of leadership” in every child. Its education program is designed to nurture and develop student leaders who show the courage to take intellectual risks using the skills to communicate and work effectively with others.
We live in an interconnected world that is changing at an unprecedented pace. Preparing our children to succeed in this challenging environment demands a flexible real – world approach to education. Rooted in this understanding, QMIS is a dynamic school that strives to turn learning into a lifelong journey of discovery, with a faculty that is as diverse as our student body. This is a school to fulfil the needs of international minded parents, who desire an education beyond books for their children.
This magazine will provide you with a glimpse of spectrum of opportunities here, both within our curriculum and beyond, but it is only by meeting us, you will be able to grasp the positive and energetic learning ambience that we offer.